Trolls, flamers, griefers, jerks: They are known by many names, but they are always KNOWN. Let's peel back the mystery and take a look inside the world of the troll.

Just The Facts

  1. Oh, lawd, those trolls done us wrong.
  2. Baby, don't give me none of that trolling.

But seriously

Trolls are awful. It's tough to do anything worthwhile on the Internet, and even tougher when you have these living roadblocks doing their best to interfere. We suggest medication, or, failing that, intensive psychotherapy.

The best way to deal with trolls varies by type. To deal with the professor and critic, ignoring their rants goes a long way. They may get angrier at first, but the lack of an audience will drive them to more easily riled up communities, soon. Screamers should be gagged somehow, and are usually easy to pick out by their caps lock and swears-to-normal-words ratio. The prophet of doom should be mocked--nothing gets them to go away like knowing their dire warnings aren't being listened to. Robots need to be banned. It's hard, but necessary.