The old saying that "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers," was clearly coined before Yahoo! decided to give the internet its own unmonitored FAQ.

Alternatively, ask an actual person.

So What Is This Thing?

Yahoo! is a large company. Said large company decided that what the internet needed an open forum where anyone could ask and answer whatever questions they had on their mind. They probably had visions of some cross between Wikipedia and an FAQ. The day Yahoo! Answers went online, the skies went black and the water turned to blood.

Happy fucking birthday.

While they presumably hoped they were giving the world a forum for open, intelligent discourse, the only intelligible debate the site has fostered is whether the Questions or Answers paint a bleaker portrait of humanity.


The questions seem to lack basic knowledge of how the world works.

A common problem.
A common problem.

A lot of these questions are staged for our entertainment. Which is pretty reassuring, considering the kind of questions that get asked.

Have you got a power station up there?
Have you got a power station up there?


For every stupid person, there's another stupid person that will agree with them. And Yahoo! decided it would be a good idea to reward points based on how often you answer. The results of that policy can best be summed up thusly:


Of course, sometimes the answerers are just as deluded as the questioners. We won't use the babby question as an example, because that's far too obviou-

No, apparently we will.

Cracked on Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is the king of internet weirdness but it is a lonely ruler. All of its friends are avoiding it because of its far away gaze, and the fact that it always smells faintly of piss.

The people on Yahoo! Answers seem to have issues understanding even simple things (see The 11 Most Unnecessary How To Guides On The Web). When confronted with the soul withering stupidity of Yahoo! Answers, your choices are to pity man or laugh at them.

Guess which one we chose.