One day you look in the mirror and you don't like what you see. You can't quite put your finger on it - but you want a change... some sort of augmentation maybe. Well friends you just may be ready for the Body Modification Experience.

The typical path to getting a tattoo.

The typical path to getting a body modification.

Just The Facts

  1. Body modification (or body alteration) is the deliberate altering of the human body for non-medical reasons, such as sexual enhancement, a rite of passage, aesthetic reasons, shock value, and self-expression.
  2. ( and are two completely sick web sites where you can learn more than you ever wanted/needed to know about body modifications.
  3. There are a lot of mutilated cocks and vaginas on the above websites.
  4. Those of you who just went to these sites thinking it was porn just got a rude fucking awakening.

Body Modification - Disclaimer

Whereas body modification includes some very common procedures such as everyday piercings and tattoos, it is the extreme body modification that gets all the attention. Nobody wants to hear about the Roadrunner tattoo that you just got on your shoulder - but if you are about to snick off a testicle or two we'll listen.

Extreme body modification includes some pretty intense procedures and imagery so the following content (including links) may not be suitable for all viewers.

Go eat your cookie Damien. This is not for you.


In our research on body modifications there were more varieties of piercings than we can possibly list here. BMEzine lists a stunning 137 pages of different types of piercings and our intent is not to dig into all of them. Our primary focus here are only the most messed up of these piercings so ear, nose, lip and eyebrow piercings aren't making the cut.

Just what could be considered a fucked up piercing? Naturally we are headed straight for the crotch.

Male Genital Piercings:

Shaft Piercing is a generic term which refers to any piercing that passes through the body of the shaft of the penis.

Not this Shaft

Types of shaft piercings:

  • Shaft Ampallang Piercing - A piercing that penetrates horizontally through the entire glans of the penis or completely through the penis shaft
  • Shaft Apadravya - A piercing that penetrates vertically through the entire glans of the penis or completely through the penis shaft

In case you are wondering the glans is the "head" of the penis. So, yeah these piercings involve getting a small rod driven through the head and/or shaft of your penis.

Now - is your eyebrow piercing still making you feel like a tough guy? We thought not.

Foreskin Piercing - Not exceptionally popular amongst Jewish dudes, these piercings are done through the foreskin of the penis.

Frenum Piering - A frenum piercing is a piercing performed through the surface skin of the shaft of the penis just under the glans (knob).

Frenum Ladder - Multiple frenum piercings placed in sequence are known as a frenum ladder. They are usually placed along the bottom of the penis, and sometimes continue along onto the scrotum.

Picture your cock dressed up like a little toy soldier but instead of those two rows of shiny buttons on his coat you have two rows of shiny bulbs running down the underside of your cock. Now you get the idea of a frenum ladder.

Exactly like this.

Scrotal Piercing - A piercing through the skin of the scrotum. Extend your scrotal sac with one hand and then jam a pin through it with the other hand. Voila! A scrotal piercing.

Scrotal Ladder Piercings - Scrotal piercings arranged in a linear configuration. Similar to a frenum ladder, scrotal ladders are rows of scrotal piercings. They often connect to frenum ladders, and extend back as far as the anus. These configurations have been known to set off airport metal detectors.

Guiche Piercing - A guiche piercing is placed through the skin between the anus and scrotum. Reach down and pick up your balls. (If you are female - just entertain the guy next to you by doing the same) Feel that area under the balls and just before your butt hole? Needs a piercing doesn't it?

Guiche Ladder - A guiche ladder is a series of guiche piercings in a row. This ladder often extends up to a scrotal or frenum ladder as well. At this point in your obsession with piercings if your guiche ladder connects to your scrotal ladder, which connects to your frenum ladder it will just look like you had a zipper that ran from your asshole to your belly button. Of course women already have these and babies are delivered through them.

Guiche Tunnel - A guiche tunnel is a stretched guiche piercing, using jewelry (and techniques) like what one would use in earlobe stretching. Of course this tunnel is in no way located in some place as mundane as an earlobe, rather it's nicely tucked in at the base of your nut sac where your scrotum meets your anus (aka the perenium). Many people may not find this placement comfortable since they'll be sitting on it a lot, but it would be a great place to store a pack of Life Savers.

Trust us - you didn't want to see the Guiche Tunnel.

Testicle Piercing - No explanation necessary. It is exactly what it sounds like which is fucking horrifying. This is a piercing that penetrates through a testicle. Think of this like a twig through a marshmellow but a shitload more painful and you won't be roasting it over a fire afterwards.

Uh, ok, so we explained it anyway.


Jammed through your balls.

Just to provide the necessary public service announcement for those readers who were tempted to go out and drive a nail through their nuts - testicle piercing in the sense of a permanent piece of jewelry which passes through the testicle is NOT possible. The anatomy, as well as the multiple layers/types of tissue involved, simply does not allow it. Attempting this piercing in the long term will simply result in a great deal of pain, and if you refuse to give up on it, infection and possibly castration and worse.

But man will it look cool.

Female Genital Piercings:

Just getting the image of penile piercings out of your head. You're welcome.

Not every female piercing of the genitalia is a clit ring although most guys certainly believe that to be true. You guys will still believe that to be true after reading the following too. The reason for this is that the clitoris is the only part of the female vagina that males can name (if not identify). Yes lads apparently there are a few more working parts down there than we realized. Who knew?

Clitoral Piercing

When people say they have a clitoral piercing, they almost always mean that they have a hood piercing (or even an inner labia piercing), due to the shroud of mystery that still envelops female genital anatomy. However, if the person has a large enough clitoris, there is no reason why the clitoris itself can't be pierced.

We envision a conversation between a woman wanting a clitoral piercing and the 'piercer' to go something like this:

Woman: "Hi I want to get my clitoris pierced please."

Piercer: "I'm sorry but I believe you really mean that you want to get your labia pierced"

Woman: "No, no. My clit is fucking huge. You could use it as a clown nose. Now pierce that nubby beeeyatch!"

Piercer: "Ok, disrobe please and I'll be back in 5 minutes. I have to go get my video camera."

Outer labial Piercings - The outer labia is the skin on the outside of the entry to the magical treasure chest that is the vagina. Outer labial piercings are a time-consuming piercing for most women to heal, as they pass through a great deal of tissue. Healing time is generally between 2-3 months during which there can be no sexual intercourse. Guys who can talk thier women into getting this procedure can look forward to getting 3 months of head.

Inner Labia Piercing - The inner labia is (much like it sounds) a piercing of the fold of skin inside the vagina. Piercings through the inner labia heal extremely quickly, but for most people offer little other than visual appeal. This is contrary to outer labial piercings which not only look great but are great conversation starters at job interviews.

Fourchette Piercing - A fourchette is a labial piercing done at the rear rim of the vagina towards the anus. We assume this will collect a lot of toilet paper and would be nothing more than a nuisance when you need to scratch your butt.

Christina Piercing - The Christina piercing is a surface piercing traveling from the very top of the clitoral hood, through the small ridge where the outer labia meet, and exiting through the surface of the pubic mound.

Christina Ricci

Not this Christina (Ricci).


The above section lists 10 different ways you can get your cock pierced and we haven't yet come close to those modifications that are considered really fucked up, so you didn't think we would include something as lame as a tattoo in a piece on body modification did you?

No fucking way sister.

Calling a tattoo a body modification is like comparing a PG13 movie to a porno. They are completely different animals all together. The flash of nipple that you see in a PG13 movie doesn't quite prepare you for the first time you stumble onto your dad's collection of bukakke DVD's. Likewise, your lame-ass Chinese character tattoo doesn't mean you are in line for a scrotal piercing. Every kid in the suburbs has some sort of ink that they think makes them cool. Grandparents and kids in high school get tattoos. It takes a whole different category of freak-show to get an extreme body modification.

This is a tattoo

THIS is a body modification


Scarification - is the creative and artistic application of scars in a controlled manner to achieve an aesthetically or spiritually pleasing result. In plain English it involves getting cut and then healing in a controlled manner to create an image on your person.

Yes, yes. This spiritually pleases me.

Cutting - Cutting is one of the two most common types of scarification (see also: Skin Removal). Cutting consists of drawing a predefined design on the skin via usage of a surgical blade or scalpel.


Ash Rubbing - After a cutting is performed, there are a number of options as to how to treat it (if at all) to obtain different sorts of scars. One option is to rub ashes into the fresh wound. This is done to irritate the wound and increases the amount of scarring. We assume you could rub feces or left-over burritos into the wound to acheive the same result.

Branding - Branding is scarification, usually through the application of a heated material (usually metal) to the skin, making a serious burn that eventually becomes a scar. Ideally, a healed branding looks like a pattern of thick raised lines, slightly lighter than skin color (when fully healed).

What kind of douche photoshops a branding tat? Yeah,this kind.

Dremel Scarification - Dremel scarification is a form of scarification wherein layers of skin are ground away using the rotating abrasive tip of rotary tools like a dremel. Abrasive scarification is generally used to create subtle unraised scars.

The technique is bloody and can potentially fling pathogens (namely bacteria) into the atmosphere and surfaces around the area in which the modification is being performed so extreme care must be taken to avoid contamination.

Just wondering out loud what kind of sex you would be having with a chick who lets a stranger draw pictures on her with a power tool. Ok, maybe that was off topic.

Skin Removal - Skin Removal (or "Skin Peeling") is a form of scarification consisting of the removal of areas of skin (rather than just making a cut).

Fucking ouch.

As with cutting, skin removal is made using a surgical blade or scalpel. In order to remove a piece of skin, first the area has to be outlined like a single cutting scarification, but on a minor depth level. Then the tissue to be removed is pulled back while "slicing" on the bottom to free the skin from beneath.


Hard Core Body Modification

Ok so you think piercing your genitals is for fags, and flaying off your own skin sounds like a major snorefest. Not to worry - we can do better:

Eyeball Implant - It is now possible to place an eyeball implant into the surface of the white of the eye. Not only is it possible, but, at least in the Netherlands it is a legal procedure offered by eye clinics. Marajuana is legal there too. Not really related but a fact none-the-less.

Horn - With the horn implant small teflon "horn bumps" are inserted under the skin into the forehead, giving the appearance of either the devil, a satyr, or a young moose, depending on your view.

Is it just me or are these the lamest glasses ever for a guy(girl?) who has 15 tattoos on his (her?) face, no eyebrows and horn implants?

Transdermal implants - A transdermal implant falls somewhere between a single-hole pocketing and an implant. The implant has a root under the skin and a larger part protruding through the skin. The visual effect is that of jewelery (a bead, spike, etc.) that appears to be screwed right into the body.

Ear Pointing - Ear pointing is a procedure by which "Vulcan" or "elf"-like ears are created. A small wedge of tissue is removed at the tip of the ear, and the two edges are then sutured together. Assuming uneventful healing, the resultant ear will have a far more pronounced tip. Star Trek was a good show and all - but seriously. Seriously!

Tongue Splitting - Tongue splitting is the central bifurcation (slicing) of the tongue, so as to achieve a "forked tongue." With practice, each half can be separately controlled so you can suck popcorn out of your teeth in two whole places at the same time. Sweet.

Amputation - The basic definition of amputation is "to cut off a projecting body part." Typically, this desire or fetish for the voluntary removal of limbs or digits is an all-consuming drive dating back to childhood. While amputation is arguably psychotic in nature, having the amputation done "cures" the problem in many cases, and the individual becomes happier and more well-adjusted. This is marginally more expensive than a four-leaf clover tattoo.

But wait...

All this so-called extreme modification is above the waist? What happened to our genital mutilation?

Look no more....

Genital Beading - This is different from how you usually bead off with your genitals. (get it?) Genital beading is a body modification which involves the implantation of beads under the skin of the shaft of the penis. These are done primarily for the purpose of physical stimulation (for both the wearer and their partner), as well as everywhere for aesthetic reasons.

Because it's cool if your dick looks like this...

Genital Ribs - Genital ribs are a form of genital beading whereby rods, rather than beads, are implanted, giving the appearance of a ribbed penis. Feel free to try and order the half-rack of genital ribs from your local Tony Roma's.

Head Splitting - Head splitting is the bisection of the glans of the penis. The (glans) head is split into two and left to heal.

"The horror. The horror"

Genital Bisection - Genital bisection is the total splitting of the male genitals. Partial splitting is either in length (ie. head splitting) or in axis. Other variations include inversion where the split leaves the glans intact, allowing the penis to be effectively "turned inside out."

In most cases, the penis remains fully functional, although some rigidity loss is possible. The penis maintains its form but in two halves. When they are no longer attached, the penis tends to curve in on itself making vaginal insertion more difficult, but far from impossible.

It also grows eyes and gets a little scaly.

Nipple Removal - Nipple removal is the amputation of all or part of the nipple. Awe goddamit! What has a nipple ever done to anyone. Please!

Pruning - Pruning (as in "pruning a tree") is a colloquial expression for a form of male genital modification similar to trumpeting, glansectomy, and glans sculpting. To put it simply, most, or all, of the glans is cut away (pruned) in order to give a more desirable shape. Think of this like whittling away at the top of your cock. Just for shits and giggles.

Subincision - Subincision is the bisection (cutting) of the underside of the penis (from the urethra to the raphe). Essentially this is cutting a slit into your cock from bottom to top.

Make a very loose fist and then look at your first from the side. Then move your thumb up and down and make your fist talk to you. That is basically what the subincision wil look like. But it is not the same, you know, because it's a huge slit cut into your cock.

Soooooo Tired...

There are bad ideas, and then there are really bad ideas.

Deciding that a good pet name for you new girlfriend would be "Cheesy Crotch" - that's a bad idea. Deciding that you would like to have your cock "pruned" so it looks like crows picked the head clean off and left a deformed stump - that's a really bad idea.

None-the-less somewhere, someone is doing some really bad shit to their genitals.

There really are far too many ways to butcher your own genitals these days and we aren't even getting into those body modifications that involve actual removal of the sex organs entirely. We invite you to do some research for yourself and discover the wonderful worlds of knob removal (glansectomy), penis removal (penectomy) and/or scotum removal (scrotal removal). Likewise, feel free to read up on female nullification. Frankly our research has left us exhausted and horrified all at the same time that people chose to do this to themselves. We now have knowledge we really wish we had not collected and it will take many quality hours of porn surfing to clear our scarred brains of these tainted BME images.

Pardon us we have some surfing to do.