"DMT", short for dimethyltryptamine, is the most hardcore psychedelic drug known to man. This is that one drug that the man doesn't want you to find out about!

It's only the 3rd dimension... just imagine.

Crossing from 3rd dimension to the next dimension.

What the next dimension is said to resemble.

Just The Facts

  1. DMT is the most intense psychedellic known to mankind
  2. DMT is the most illegal substance known to mankind
  3. DMT is the most freakin awesome drug known to mankind

Dimethyltryptamine? In english please...

Have you ever wondered if there is a universe beyond ours? Have you ever wanted to meet extra terrestrial beings? If you've said yes to both of those and havn't experience either of those, DMT is the drug for you. DMT is the most intense psychadellic as well as the most illegal drug in the world. Those are the two major points that can't be stressed enough. Not only is the drug the most rare to acquire, but it is also the most common drug. Basically, everytime you go to sleep, a part of your brain produces this chemical and the product that we endure is our dreams. DMT is the drug which causes your dreams at night.

History of DMT

The history of using DMT stretches waaaay back in history. It's assumed that for thousands of years, indigenous tribes in South America (specifically Brazil) have been using and abusing DMT in rituals and cultural ceremonies.


As for extraction methods there are quite a few ways. People have been known to extract DMT from human brains (rare), animal brains (uncommon), and surprisingly blades of grass from your lawn (common). The blade of grass extraction method brings me to my next thoughts however I'll start by explaining how it's extracted. First you go out and grab a bunch of blades of grass. Second, you must freeze them and then crush them until they are liquefied. After that you keep crushing the grass and keep freezing them over and over and over and over again all while simply changing the ph levels and keeping them at a ph level of 9. After a looooong process of treating and fermenting the grass, you are left with crystals that you are able to smoke.

All method process aside, what makes DMT quite possibly the most hypocritical drug in the world is the fact that it is of higher illegality than cocaine, crystal meth, amphetamines... you name it, DMT is more illegal. With DMT being THAT illegal, it is also thee most commonly found drug in the world being that it is grass. Well you get caught for owning or making DMT? Chances are slim but the risks are high. Is it worth it? Hell yes it is which bring me to my next point.

Research and War Stories

People who have used DMT have all reported being in different situations however the creepiest aspect of these reports is that most people report seeing the same entities and even environments as other people who have taken DMT. A wonderful doctor, Doctor Rick Strassman from Los Angeles (home of famous druggies such as Jim Morrison), has written many documents as well as a few books and has done many research studies by studying the behavior and reports made by his patients (all of whom I envy).

His patients have reported seeing entities such as mechanical dwarves, reptilian green creatures, and giant bug-like monsters. Keep in mind, each of those entities have been reported multiple times by multiple people. The environments have been described differently from person to person however few have reports have been similar. Environments such as giant laboratories, vast fields, foreign planets, ect... have all been reported. The experiences have all been quite similar as well in the aspect that the majority of encounters have been positive encounters where the entities tell the DMT user to reach positive goals in their life. Something like that would change my life to be quite honest. And thee most commonly reported experience from every user is that they were not put into a state of mind, but that they were put into another dimension.

If travelling to another dimension and shootin the breeze with some aliens is what peaks your interest, then DMT is the way to go.

Other Noteable Information

- trips last from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the dosage and form of DMT

- there are no side effects from taking DMT

- DMT is exerted by the body only during the REM part of sleep as well as when the body is under enough stress to cause death. That is why when people almost die they talk about hallucinations and seeing shit, they are actually just tripping the hell out on DMT - T.Labonte

- some people say that its the most frightening experience of their life - D.Ferrone

- your body produces it when you are in extreme amount of stress, the kind of stress you experience during death - J.Pags


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My Final Thoughts

It is an illegal substance and I do not condone the usage of DMT, as well, DMT may enduce the most horrifying experience of your life. Use at own risk...

Have Fun!