When it comes to what it takes to become a High-Fashion Model, Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model seem to have a different opinion than the rest of the fashion world.

Just The Facts

  1. America's Next Top Model (or ANTM for short) is a show on the CW where hundreds of girls compete for a modeling contract and with it a foot in the door to becoming a "Top Model".
  2. Currently in the middle of it's 13th cycle, anything approaching what could be considered a "Top Model" has yet to be produced.

The Flaw With The Entire Premise of ANTM

Despite the fact that it is abundantly clear to anyone with eyes how Tyra herself made it to the top of the modeling world, on the show she is constantly advocating that desire and belief in yourself are what is most important to making it in the modeling business.

pictured: Tyra's juicy desire and big, bouncy belief in herself

Ninety percent of women have the ability and the intelligence to technically be models. In the real world of high-fashion modeling, looks are what set you apart. Posing, strutting, make-up, personal style; these are all skills that can easily be taught, or outsourced to the modeling agency's style people. What sets the girls that make it in the industry apart from those that don't, is being incredibly attractive, and a stroke of good luck. If America's Next Top Model were realistic it would consist of a single half hour episode where the judges walk through a room of pretty girls and just point out the one that looks most like a high-fashion model. But this wouldn't make for compelling television (unless there was a lot of nudity) so ANTM is forced to create criteria for what makes a great model, and select a winner based off these criteria. For this reason, out of the 12 winners of America's Next Top Model, exactly ZERO have gone on to a career that would be considered anywhere near a "Top Model".