America’s Favorite Drugs: A Cost Benefit Analysis [CHART]

Smoking is an activity that serves no utilitarian purpose, yet somehow remains legal despite being proven to kill you. Plus it makes you look cool.

we mean really guys, come on

Just The Facts

  1. Smoking is sexy.
  2. Until it's not.
  3. Then it's really, really not.

Cracked on Smoking

Because of its dangerous nature, smoking has been met with strong opposition from doctors and lawmakers, and strong support from those 9th graders behind the gym. Although many have tried to outlaw cigarette smoking on the grounds that it causes lung cancer (which is true), attempts to ban it entirely have been unsuccessful.

Objects commonly smoked are:




While smoking is inherently dangerous, it remains a popular recreational pastime in almost every country in the world dating all the way back to 5000 B.C. A popular argument for starting smoking is aesthetics: Enhancing the self-image by adding a simple cigarette, cigar or pipe to the wardrobe.

For example, smoking can make you look more punk rock:

More French:

More gangster:

More classy:

More grizzled:

The only downside to smoking?

Oh yeah. That.

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