The outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election was the best thing that ever happened to Fox News. It's like the Discovery Channel got to run shark week for four years, and it's audience never gets tired of being scared of sharks ...

The Obama Administration: Fox News' Four Year Long Shark Week

The Obama administration has been like a prolonged Shark Week for the Fox News channel. American television networks feeds on the illusion of danger. There is only so much talent to go around, and most cable channels can't afford to pay for talent. What they can afford to do is tell you that you and your family are in mortal danger right before the commercial break.

This is why Discovery's Shark Week is their most highly rated week of the year. The Obama Administration has been a two year long Shark Week for Fox. He feeds on the fear of middle aged white people/ Fox News has learned to concentrate that fear, cut it with baking soda and sell it back to them at a discounted price. And business is good.

Cracked on Fox News

Fox News is a member of the media mafia. Roger Ailes built his empire on the business formula that being loud and outraged is greater than being factual (Loud*Outrage > Facts).

While other networks try to be moderate, wishy-washy dealers, Fox News delivers the right stuff.

The Product

Fox News has product well known for its consistency. The visual ingestion is the most potent and common form of usage. Fox News Radio allows the customer to experience a milder experience while driving to and from their soon-to-be-outsourced-by-the-socialist-regime job.

In general, the product is divided into three different doses that appeal to the broadest demographic of customer:

The Customer

The primary user of Fox News' product is the news junkie. Levels of addiction range from six O'clock newsie to O'Reilly tweet-baser.

The product is so strong that even someone without the addictive, conservative predisposition is still able to get hooked. Those who love the product can't get enough of it. Those that hate it can't stop watching it, lest they miss the next slip up.
This is why Fox News' product(ion) is regularly at the top of the pack in terms of popularity.