The most popular sports magazine in the world for a period, now manages to stay in business by dedicating an annual issue to female swimwear. We asked some sports fans why this issue tends to be SI's most popular ...

Just The Facts

  1. Sports Illustrated is a magazine that is least famous for its sports coverage
  2. Sports Illustrated has twice won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence, which is a euphemism for "great boobies"
  3. Sports Illustrated has over 3 million subscribers, which means three-million men get sent the swimsuit edition once a year AND THERE'S NOTHING THEIR PARTNERS CAN DO ABOUT IT
  4. In fairness however, Sports Illustrated paved the way for full-color sports photo journalism and cutting edge, insightful articles
  5. In fairness however, it's the titties that everyone cares about.

OK, Fine, Keep Your Hair On

Before anyone busts a gut over this article and its unfair treatment of SI, let's have a look at its illustrious history.

SI has a hard on for Michael Jordan, having had him on the cover without the Bulls 12 times, and with the Bulls 56 times, but only because the rest of the team were getting pissed off.

SI has a very strong editorial team that deals with amateur athletics - college football especially. This is primarily because the main purchasers of their Swim Suit Edition are highly strung college jocks.

There is an urban myth known as The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx. This jinx says that appearing on the SI cover condemns the athlete to a period of bad luck and decline. This is dumb for two reasons: (a) Anyone who appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated is probably due a hefty piece of bad luck anyway, or they wouldn't have been put on the cover in the first place (i.e. they're at the peak of their career) and (b) Michael fucking Jordan.