The Iron Man weapons system is the most advanced weapons system on the planet, used exclusively to resolve problems caused by it being built in the first place.

Just The Facts

  1. Tony Stark is a genius, and decided to stop making weapons.
  2. He then built an armor-plated personal killing machine.
  3. We admit that we aren't geniuses, and may therefore be missing something.

Main Enemies

The Iron Man armor system is notoriously error-prone, and by "error-prone" we mean "at least the blue screen of death never tried to repulsor your face off." Approximately 50% of Stark's enemies have been his own suit gone rogue/sentient/hacked/whatever, the other 50% have been people stealing it, and a revolutionary extra 50% on top of that have been the suit driving good guys wearing it insane. Yes, Tony Stark can invent more problems than mathematically possible, and yes, it would have been much less trouble for everyone if he'd just got into World of Warcraft.