Weird Science is a ridiculous '80s movie that insisted computers could be used for sex somehow...

Oh, and also...

So there's that.

Just The Facts

  1. Weird Science was directed by John Hughes.
  2. Kelly LeBrock was there.
  3. That's basically all we got out of it.

Plot Synopsis

Two desperate teenagers use 1980s era computers to create a perfect virtual female. Then, because of mysterious goings on (or...WEIRD SCIENCE,) the virtual female becomes a reality.


More excuses to do this.

This perfect female then manages to ruin nerd's sexual expectations even more by speaking in a sultry English accent and being totally brazen and honest about her sexuality. But like everything in the '80s, it was all kind of ruined by the overdose of hair.

big hair

We could go on to describe what else happens in the film, but the important thing is this: Kelly leBrock promised us that, if you work hard enough at computers, drop dead gorgeous models will materialize out of thin air. And thus was born the computing age.