Truthfully, Comedy Movies make life worth laughing and livin'(besides porn).

The snozberries taste like...oh wait that's a window.

Just The Facts

  1. A good comedy should make a person laugh out loud (not lol) more than 10 times.
  2. A good comedy should not have too much drama to tie in a main plot.
  3. A good comedy should always start off with a bang in the beginning and leave the audience laughing when the credits are rolling.
  4. Nudity wouldn't hurt either.
  5. A good comedy makes you talk about it multiple times outside the movies.

A list of Comedies you should watch before you die

Meet the parents...every boyfriends worst nightmare.

Meet the Fockers...every newlyweds worst nightmare.

Accepted...where college aint' all that.

American Pie (Only 1)..boobs, cursing, life lessons, and pie sex, what can go wrong?

Anchorman...stupidity at a new level.

Austin Power series ...a man with bad teeth saves the world from himself and ridiculous characters.

Blades of Glory...where ice skating isn't gay.

Borat..."I have a sexy time with my sister".

Clerks 1 and 2...The movie where we learned never to go ass to mouth.

Dodgeball...never touch ben stiller's balls.

Eurotrip...The movie that inspired us to move to Vandersexx.

Harold and Kumar go to white castle...they rode a cheetah in this movie so it's badass.

Harold and Kumar go to G-Bay.."Are you boys ready for your cockmeat sandwhich?".

Jackass 1 and 2...watching idiots get hurt makes us laugh.

Knocked Up...Just the image of Seth Rogen as a father is comical.

Let's go to prison...every white man's worst nightmare.

Mr. Deeds..."I like feet".

Old School...Who hasn't heard of ear muffs?

Shallow Hal...ugly guys expectations are way too high.

Shawn of the Dead...zombie+comedy=AWESOME.

Starsky and Hutch...why is this on here? This movie blowed. Don't see it.

Step-Brothers..."I'm gonna put my ballsack on your drumset!!!".

Superbad...every teenager thoughts about pokin' the hot girl..."Fogel, shut the fuck up and take off the vest, you look like alladin".

Talladega Nights...A redneck/advertising extravaganza.

Tropic Thunder...Robert Downy Jr. as a black dude...should we say more?

Waiting...The first movie where they have a "game" showing each other their junk.

Walk Hard..."You don't want any of this shit dewey!".

Zohan...He made the world silky smooth...with his penis.

Mrs. Doubtfire...A man dressed up as a woman to secretly spend time with his kids, at his divorced wife's house, against court orders in the least creepy/non-illegal way imaginable.

The Mask...Jim Carrey at his best with something hot to look at(Cameron Diaz).

Big Daddy...He named his 5 year old kid Frankenstien.

The Big's got bowling.

The Cable Guy...The first stalker comedy.

Dumb and Dumber...It makes the town of Aspen looks like a criminal haven...white people are sneeky.

Happy Gilmore...showed the world that golf is for pussays.

Liar, Liar...Don't lie or you'll have to kick your own ass.

Office Space...every man's dream to have sex with Jennifer Anniston and steal money from you company.

Tommy Boy...a fat man never lets an audience down.

The Truman Show...the sad part is, after watching this movie, you look in your closet to see if there's any hidden cameras.

Airplane..."Don't call me sherley".


A Christmas Story...a little boy's quest to shoot up the neighborhood!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High...watching a high school girl blow a carrot could never be so hot.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off....where cutting school makes someone badass.

Porkys..."There was a mole on the tip of the Penis!".

The Princess Bride...ANDRE THE GIANT AHHHHH!!!!

Spaceballs..."I bet she gives great helmet".

This is Spinal Tap..."Lets go to 11..not 10, but 11".

Animal House...old school, but funnier.

Blazing Saddles...mel brooks at his best.

Ace Ventura 1 and 2...Movies about finding a bat and dolphin doesn't sound funny, but is.

40 Year old Virgin..."Your putting the pussy on a pedestal".

It's a mad mad mad mad world...National treasure with a comedic twist.

The Hangover...where air-jacking off a baby is funny, not creepy.

Little Miss Sunshine..."Fuck alatta women, fuck em all".

Mallrats..."She's got three nippples!".

Jay and Silent Bob series...Kevin Smith and his monkey.

Whatever Works...A 65 year old bangin' a 20 year old with satire mixed in-have fun!

Orange County...Jack black in tighty whities fuckin up his brothers life.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall...having your ex screw a british rock star sucks.

Year One...Never eat the forbidden fruit.

Wedding Crashers...those women are just looking for some attention.

The Girl Next Door...yes i do date a pornstar!

Theres Something about Mary...what's wrong with semen used as hair gel?

What about Bob?...Showing that Physciatrists are the ones that are insane.

Dogma...Wait, GOD is a Girl!? What?!!!

Zoolander...male modeling isn't gay, it's a great way to hook up with women.

Team America...F** YEAH!!

South Park...damn Canadiens.

The Royal Tanenbaums...a more disfunctional family than the brady bunch.

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou...we do it underwata!

Super Troopers...maybe cops aren't complete dicks.

My Regards to Judd Apatow

Since there is already a topic about Judd Apatow i'm not going to go off on this comedic genuis...and yes i truly mean genuis. However, i felt it was neccessary to mentoin this god of a man. Since, his jewish birth on December 6, 1976, god has given him the gift of "thinking of the funniest shit ever" award. His start was slow, but once he got rollin his career hasn't stopped. Almost every major comedy since the early 2000's, he has been involved in. He should win a humanitarian award for how much lives he has lifted (mostly nerds and lonely girlfriendless men). None the less, he has his place in Comedic Movie history.

Here is a little taste of what he's either written, directed, produced, or combination of the three:

The Cable Guy


Kicking and Screaming

The 40 Year old Virgin

Talledega Nights

Knocked Up


Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Step Brothers

Year One

Funny People

Do I need to say anymore?

Oh and just to pump up his player status he's got got a hot wife/actress(Leslie Mann) that he shows off in his movies...