Omegle is a website that sets you up with an anonymous stranger to chat with. It's basically like the half-retarded offspring if AOL Instant Messenger had sex with 4chan.

Omegle is the home to many retards such as this stranger.

Just The Facts

  1. Omegle is essentially completely pointless
  2. It's filled with pedophiles and /b/tards
  3. You can basically fuck around with a complete stranger.
  4. In conclusion, because we can tell a stranger that we just boned Megan Fox while playing a guitar solo and they will never know, Omegle rules.

Cracked on Omegle

When you're on vacation, are you ever tempted to lie or completely mess with people because you know you'll never see them again? But you never do it, right? Omegle is like a vacation you can go on anytime and you can fuck with people to no end. It's also not like a vacation at all because Omegle is some website while vacations have kick-ass water slides.


Like Omegle + water + bikini babes + $1,000

However, Omegle can provide hours of extremely unique entertainment you really can't find anywhere else. It's like the scribblings on a high school bathroom stall except you're with the person in the stall at the same time.

Pictured: what we discuss as we shove a wet one out.

On Omegle, people can confide in others with confidence, lie to them for hilarious effect or just have a casual conversation about what deathcore-darkwave metal album they just torrented. Or, if you're like most people on Omegle, your sanity disappears completely when you start a chat and things start to go like this:

We think her name is Gwen. Not sure what she's here for.

We think her name is Gwen. Not sure what she's here for.

On Omegle, you're all by yourself. You've got to defend your pride and your views because the internet is one giant alleyway in a bad neighborhood. On Omegle, it's on, all the time.

Oooohhhhhh snap

The Cracked-Omegle Experiment

While doing extensive research for this topic page, Cracked sent an editor to confront Omegle itself to see if he could bring in more traffic to Cracked's site. The results were not only disappointing, but terrifying.

He didn't answer :(

Hey what's with all the hostility?

Now for Omegle, some people were being pretty reasonable. They didn't want to deal with Cracked so they just left. But then a shitstorm of lunatics came on the radar and our editor had to be cunning and clever to convince them to visit Cracked. It's near redundant to say he failed.

So... three?

How do you suck a disk?

Some spelling errors are embarassing. Others are fucking hilarious.

Despite his best efforts, the editor hadn't convinced anyone to visit We told him to be more aggressive and demanding to see if Omeglers would respond.

How did "manly and shit" not convince this guy?

Well that attempt didn't work. We told the editor to try one more time.



The people on Omegle are just too impatient. The Cracked-Omegle experiment had failed. Eventually, our team of network and behavioral scientists here at Cracked realized one important thing. No matter how polite, offensive, bizarre or just plain retarded, nearly every Omegle conversation ends up like this:

Simple enough.

At least Omegle isn't popular enough to warrant a complete takeover by 4chan right? That would be ridic-

Well it was nice knowing you, Omegle.

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