Worst Countries in the World


Just The Facts

  1. The world has approximatley 196 countries (192 are members of the UN)
  2. Increase in disease and territorial disputes continue to destabalize these nations
  3. The population of over 6 billion has contributed to many of the problems in these third world nations


The list of worst countries in the world. These countries are the worst of the third world and continue to deteriorate financially and structurally as the years go by. Most of these nations are dictated by a tyrannical ruler or military junta, and some just have no government and the country is run by crime or terror groups.

10. Laos


Besides being completely landlocked and being the 44th poorest nation in the world, Laos continues to become poorer and poorer. The communist regime in the country continues to become more and more oppressive as their legitimacy declines. Every year people starve to death in this nation and many are fed up with the countries declining economy and infrastructure. The unrest in the nation mayl eventually lead to complete collapse thus making the country another Myanmar (or Burma). There may be hope however, but only if this nation adapts more of a capitalistic free trade economic policy as its neighbor Thailand has done. Myanmar or Burma boasts one of the strictest military governments in the world, and denied the results of the country's last election causing more tension and unease.

9. Sierra Leone

Poverty and war plagues this small African nation. The blood diamond crisis is most evident in this country as neither the government or the largest UN mandate ever could prevent the violence associated with blood diamonds. The country continues on a downward spiral and living here is not preferred by anyone. Perhaps the only solution to help this war torn nation is for the African Union to somehow establish controls on diamond exports in the country.

8. Mozambique

Doomed since its existence Mozambique continues to be known for its malaria and aids crises. There is barely any safe drinking water in this nation and despite receiving much aid from the UN the country continues to degrade and slowly crumble as many African nations in this same situation do. The only hope for this nation is a cure for the AIDs virus and a way to make drinking water safe to curb Malaria.

7. The Central African Republic

Bordering the C.A.R are the nations of Congo, Chad and Sudan also among the worst countries to live in. It is most likely the lack of safe drinking water and ongoing civil war which makes this country so difficult to live in. During the genocides in the Congo and in Sudan, many fled to the C.A.R to escape those conflicts but wound up in another conflict within the C.A.R. The country cannot sustain its own people nor the millions of refugees. As true in many African nations starvation and disease plagues this nation and makes it one of the worst countries to live in.

6. Myanmar (or Burma)

After a coup de etat in the country and the renaming of it from Burma to Myanmar the country has in power one of the strictest junta governments and there are virtually no human rights. Isolation from the world has made Myanmar the way it is as the government very rarely meets with UN officials or officials of neighboring countries. This Southeast Asian nation is among the 30 poorest nations in the world and much of that has to do with the government hording all the money and resources in the nation. Even after a devastating typhoon ravaged the nation, the government did little humanitarian wise to help its people.

5. Chad

Currently Chad contains central Africa's main water source in Lake Chad, but recently this source has dried up almost completely leaving the country in a drought and famine. The country borders Sudan and the amount of Darfurian refugees entering the nation are overwhelming the country's capacity to maintain its own already impoverished population. As conditions in Chad continue to get worse it goes virtually unnoticed as there is little that can be done to stabilize this economically devastated nation.

4. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Years and years of war and genocide have torn this country apart and the humanitarian crisis in the nation is catastrophic. The country is currently the second poorest nation in the world in front of only Zimbabwe GDP wise. the 300$ GDP is seen as irreversible and there is no progress that can be made to get this country back to sustainability despite the millions of UN dollars invested in the humanitarian and structural relief of this nation. The country is one of Africa's largest and most mineral rich, but because of eploitation the people of this country rarely see any profits made from the resources this country has.

3. Sudan

Genocide anyone? well despite the government denying the obvious genocide in this counrty, Sudan gives meaning to the phrase "FML" not only do people in the region of Darfur suffer from disease and starvation but they also suffer from the genocide of the southern Christians committed by the northern Islamic government. Rape and murder plagues this nation and just recently has the international community done anything to stop the genocide. The ICC has decided that the Sudanese president Umar Hassan Ahmad al-BASHIR has in fact violated human rights (obviously) and they now recognize him as an international criminal.

2. Zimbabwe

The word "Failure" derives from the situation in Zimbabwe. The country currently faces complete economic failure. The country recently printed out the 1 trillion dollar bill and the currency exchange rate is something like 1 USD = 47,000,000 ZWD (I think that's about it) The country's dictator Robert Mugabe is among the top 10 most hated people on earth and continues to make irrational decisions that are inadvertently destroying the country's and economy and over all well being. Sadly, Zimbabwe used to be a very wealthy nation but today it is amongst the poorest. Zimbabwe's $200 GDP makes it the poorest in the world with little hope of economic revival unless there is major political change inside this nation.

1a. North Korea

Possibly the most isolated country in the world continues to surprise the world with its brinkmanship attitude and its apparently evil agenda. Close to 1 million people a year starve to death in this nation and its only getting worse as the government has decided to put all of its money into building 100 story hotel buildings as well as building up its nuclear arsenal. The capital city of Pyongyang seems like a modern capital city, but most of the infrastructure is palaces and monuments built in honor of their leaders Kim il sung and Kim Jong il. If there is any hope for the nation it is the recent news Kim Jong il is dying of cancer. Although another tyrannical autocrat would take his place and continue this bizarre leadership practice of not paying attention to your people and building up a massive military infrastructure that has bankrupted the country. Some hope comes in the form of reunification however, the south seems willing to re-unite, but not in the near future as the two countries are as different as any in almost every aspect.

1b. Somalia (its a tie)

Perhaps Somalia isn't even a country, more of a lawless land with no hope of a better future. Somalia is run by pirates and warlords and has virtually no economy other than a black market and drug based economy. Recently the country has become noticed for it constant pirate attacks on passing international vessels. This is one way the Somalis exploit the absence of government in their nation. Several African neighbors and the U.S. have attempted to establish a government but the government has dissipated almost completely leaving the nation to once again be economically unstable and war torn. Perhaps the avg. life expectancy of the nation says it all, 49 years. The country, like most African nations, also has AIDs and Malaria which have killed hundreds of thousands in recent years.


So the next time you think FML just remember you don't live in one of these nations. If your wondering what the best nations are well that's a different story but here's my top ten, of course in my opinion, not at all factual (Mainly based on GDP's GNP's and standard of living).

10. Switzerland
9. Singapore
8. Japan
7. The United kingdom
6. Australia
5. Luxemborg
4. The United States
3. The United Arab Emirates
2. Liechtenstein
1. Qatar

I'm sure this is up for debate......