Craptions Classics September 10, 2008

"Dave, you're insane!! Don't cut the rope!!!" "I'm going to ask you one more time, Tim... Did... You... Steal... My... Tuna... Sandwich???"

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

As pablo dangled from the edge, clinging on to the rope for dear life, Juan paused to tie his shoe. Safety first!


"Wait.... there's an elevator??!!!?"

Thomas Calnan

Fernando bravely stated "Check it out, I'm totally humping this house!" before falling to his death.


No time to make it to the bathroom, there's work to be done.


After kicking their abusive habit, Mario and Luigi decided to give up super mushrooms and do things the old fashioned way


inspired by a bird, chico decided to take revenge on that dirty bitch who broke his heart


Stan: "HELP ME!" George: "Shh, she is starting to undress."


Few People knew that the Smith Brothers exquisite crown molding was personally chiseled out with nothing but Bob's erect penis and a well worn copy of the Victoria's Secret catalog.


While you're out there I would like to discuss the money you owe me.


So that's how you get all the votes. That seems like alot of work to win the craption contest. Well whatever you've got to do to win, right?


"See? What did I tell you? Reindeer prints!"


In other news, a construction worker plunged to his death today while demonstrating the tensile strength of a rope. His last words, "Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiii-" Now we have Richard, with our sportscast. Richard?


Why it's important not to lose tug-o-war.


As Juan slid over the edge, he grinned to himself. There was no fucking WAY he was gonna miss the lunch truck this time...

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