Craptions Classics September 06, 2008

The other half of yesterday's picture.....

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

Today on "This Old House," we'll be discussing the right way and the wrong way to hide a dead family member in the floorboards.


Thank God I was masturbating or I would have fallen all the way through.


Joey decided to hang himself in the attic so no one would notice, but he overestimated how much rope he would need.


Julie stared in disbelief. Those were the brown shoes that killed her father.


It's...well...LEAKING men anyway.


Hey, give me THAT much coke and I'll go through the ceiling too!


"Dad, I'm pregnant"


Not pictured: an unfortunately placed metal support beam


Long story short, don't tell your telepathic wife that she bitches just like her mother.


It's not a traditional chandelier, but it's not without it's charm...

Thomas Calnan

"There's your problem."


Not pictured: a guy who knows what he's doing.


Put down the camera and HELP ME dude. This is no time to be thinking of craptions!

Susan H.

Meanwhile, upstairs... the mice cheered and began phase two of their diabolical plan.

Susan H.
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