Craptions Classics September 05, 2008

The people in the subway get a far more unpleasant view.


Other Craptions

Unemployed, hungry and fused to the sidewalk. Can you spare some change?


This is actually a chalk drawing.


At the last second, Billy kicked his soccer ball into the teleporter with Dr. Hanson...


In the year 2063, when John Connor moved the rebel fighters to what was left of San Fransisco, the machines released its first, gay terminator robot, the butT-1000


Facing down the Half-There-Sewer-Dude, Batman longed for the days when his enemies actually scared him.


Ebay: On sale. Blinged out hood ornament from the Blue Man Group's Tour Bus. Mint Condition. Doing Macarena


"Will freak out small children for food."


Looks like Michael Jackson is stuck in purgatory


Damn it, Scotty! You have one fucking job! Beam me up. Thats it. Just, beam me the fuck up! Not half of me, not some of me. ALL OF ME GOD DAMN IT! And tell Sulu to keep his fucking dirty little hands off my lower half this time! Last time I c


If I had a nickel for every time I saw one of these... I'd have a nickel.


Now I know why they call it a "man-hole cover"...

Thomas Calnan

The stories of alligators in the New York sewer system are just urban legend.... the reality is much, much worse...

Thomas Calnan

He's half the man he used to be.


Holy Crap. It's the thing from that dream i keep having! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!!!?

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