Craptions Classics April 17, 2006

No one expects the Smurfish Inquisition


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David was starting to despair. They had done everything: sang white supremacist songs, harassed black people, even burned a cross, but the boy hadn't showed even a hint of interest. This bring your child to work day was turning out to be a disaster.

Linux fan

"Companions, a female approaches!"
"What do we do?"
"I don't know! Somebody roll a reaction check!"


Sorry ma'am, but children must be at least this tall to ride the White Wash rollercoaster. Please enjoy the rest of Aryan Village here in Klan Land.


"Blu Klux Klan" was just a type-o on the fliers... but that didn't stop the group of southerners from making asses out of themselves in an all new, more colourful way.

maX Volnutt

You trying to rip me off? This toddler's got a bad motivator!

Art Vandelay

"He reminds me of the babe." What babe? "The babe with the power?" What power? "The power of voodoo?" Who do? "He do" Do what? "Remind me of the babe."


THIS is the chosen one?


"Damn, kid, your mom's got nice legs for a nigger lover."

Matt Starr
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