Craptions Classics August 21, 2008

I thought the website said that my butt plug would be sent in a discreet package...


Other Craptions

Fearing the destruction of the entire city, the mayor finally gave in to the 50 Foot Woman's demands.


It took no less than 15 Ghostbusters to capture the love child of Stay Puft and Slimer.


Is it me or is the word MOTO upside down?


In trade for peace, Japanese scientists successfully removed Godzilla's gall stone infront of a crowd of eager enthusiasts


"I am ZOLAX! DESTROYER OF WORLDS! YOU PUNY HUMANS ARE NO MUCH FO...h-hey...stop laughing! Why are you all laughing? W-what's so my zipper down...I...STOP LAUGHING AT ZOLAX!!!"


I dont know what Olympic event is that, and I dont want to know.


These Anti-Smoking ads are just getting wierder and wierder


Is this one of those 'find five things wrong' photos? Motorola logo is upside down. People are on the wrong side of the barriers. Major intersection has no traffic lights. 'Parade' only has one float. WHAT ELSE????


Not pictured: Lorena Bobbitt behind bars yet again, and Shrek waiting patiently at the hospital for the search team's phone call.


Through the encouragement of the crowd and the aid of some well-placed guide ropes, the intersection of Fifth and Main triumphs over its erectile dysfunction. Moments later, the Moto Building got its fucking world ROCKED...


Hurry up everyone. We still have to carry the testicles.


Looks like Oprah is fat again.


Due to budget constraints, the Thanksgiving parade will be confined to a single intersection this year..... and the balloons will suck

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