Craptions Classics August 17, 2008

Goodbye Mr. Bond, AHAHAHAH!


Other Craptions

"This is EAGLE ONE to HOME BASE, we're picking up an unidentified object coming into protected air space." "Roger, EAGLE ONE. Does object appear hostile?" "Object appears to be...waving, sir." "You have permission to fire."


Olympic officials are outraged after one competitor exploited a loop-hole in the high jump.


John swooped in, it was the greatest high five the world had ever seen.


There once was a man named Bevan who wanted to travel to heaven with baloons and a chair he took to the air then got fucked by a 747


"I can see my dignity from here!"

Kelly Robinson

1969: Man lands on the moon 2008: Man kind of hovers in the air


Jesus makes a grand entrance at the final judgment


"Hi, hon! Does your restraining order cover VERTICAL DISTANCES?"


someone's getting fired at work tomorrow


Where will HE be when diarrhea strikes?


Released at the climax of the opening ceremony, the Beijing authorities still haven't figured out how to get little Wu Xi back down again.


Tony Stark's earliest attempts at flight were not nearly as cool.

Kelly Robinson

"This is totally working! She's in the window now...she's taking off her bra...!"

Kelly Robinson

Hindenburg: the musical

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