Craptions Classics August 09, 2008

The Dixie Chicks have got to be the ugliest women in country music.

Kelly Robinson

Other Craptions

You see class, back in the Old West everybody loved making pancakes. As a matter of fact, pancakes helped win the West from those damn Indians.


And here is a wax sculpture set of the original Brokeback Mountain, starring Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, and Jack Palance.


The Good, The Bad, and the Flamboyantly Homosexual


Politics aside: putting Ronald Reagan's corpse in a movie just seems wrong.

Kelly Robinson

"Well Mr. Eastwood, you can either direct Flags of our Fathers 2: Still Flaggin' or a wax, animatronic off-broadway play of Unforgiven." "I think I know my choice"


They dream of electric sheep... sexy, sexy electric sheep.


You'll notice that whenever Southerners re-enact the infamous "pancake scene" from Death of a Salesman, they never seem to get the dramatic mood right because they refuse to stop whistling.


"Wank away, boys. As soon as this bucket's full, we're gonna play a hi-larious prank on Miss Kitty."

Kelly Robinson

Many people don't know that in addition to having Trigger stuffed, Roy Rogers did the same to his co-stars.

Kelly Robinson

The spoon, it has holes.


The Wild, Wild Wax.


"No, you can't join our club. You have to have a neck scarf and hold your mouth like this. Show 'im, boys."

Kelly Robinson

Previews prove that the villains are going to ruin the next Batman.

Kelly Robinson

Brokewax Mountain

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