Craptions Classics August 06, 2008

"My life-long dream of carrying the Olympic torch has finally--what THE FUCK ARE THOSE THINGS!?"


Other Craptions

Is it too late to covert to Scientology now?


At least I know its good acid now.


Max as an adult no longer visited the realm of the wild things, he now goes where the FABULOUS things are.


With the demise of the overcoat, children are forced to become more creative when sneaking into adult films.


The Chinese Space Program.


Like moths to a flame, The accordian men were led to their destruction.


The celebration of the Paper-people lasted long into the night after their victorious defeat of the Rock-people. But what they failed to realize was the imminent attack by the Scissor-people.


Dammit, PURPLE!! How many times do we have to GO OVER THIS?? It's Step, twist, THEN kick!!


The Five Horsemen of the Gaypocalypse.

Kelly Robinson

In the land of Accordia, the man with the fire is king to the paper people


Let's whack the shit out of these guys and see if candy comes out.

Kelly Robinson

Made in China


The Bollywood remake of Transformers was about what you'd expect.


In the future the use of bendy straws as prosthetics will be much more advanced.

Kelly Robinson
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