Craptions Classics April 15, 2006

I now understand why Kurt Cobain killed himself.


Other Craptions

As the full moon rose, the teenagers began their uncontrollable Emo transformations.

Chab Gassie

"Yeah man, you were right! This Kenny G is fuckin intense!"

Eternal Suck

Patrick doesn't fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Open the trap door.


Smells Like Preteen Spazfest

Butz McCraption

Only their hair was ready to rock.

Linux fan

The new "Tribute to Nirvana" ride at Disney World was the best rollercoaster EVER!


And Lo, his Cobaininess did look upon them and he did say, they art not ready to rock.


"Inflatable whammy-bar is teh sex!"


Then the lead guitarist farted really hard...

Tim H

maybe we should turn down the speakers

the god

The girl in the far right would shortly fall to a sharp blow to the back of her head. She wouldn't be able to tell anyone of the government's horrifying punk-sucking machine.

maX Volnutt

GOD my armpit stinks.


Even after the defeat of the Cloverfield monster. People are still reminded of his presence.

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