Craptions Classics August 02, 2008

I'm here to nail fetish nurses, and eat babies... ...and I'm aaalllll out of babies.

Kyle Warnke

Other Craptions

He's waving "all clear" to Pedobear.


Japan: Don't look so surprised.


"Wow, this brothel has EVERYTHING."

Kelly Robinson

rarz i iz in ur hospitals eating ur babies


Thanks for taking the heat off of us, Signed, Canadians


Why are those "girls" over there coming out of the men's room?


Embarrassed, Ryan raised his paw to shield his face. There was no way he wanted to be seen at Comicon with a grown woman in a school girl outfit. That's just silly.


Hi, I'm Kiru the bear, and I'd like to talk to you about Jesus!


On the set for the new R. Kelly music video.


With it's new, friendly facade—complete with adorable mascot—Tokyo's newest Abortion Clinic had 'em lining up around the block.


Sure, those claws could maul you, but it would be such an adorable mauling.

Kelly Robinson

Now do you understand why suicide is legal in Japan???


Japanese prostitutes are awesome, but God, I hate dealing with the pimps.

Kelly Robinson

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