Craptions Classics August 01, 2008

There have been reports of a "magician," who fits your description, showing kids a disappearing "hotdog." Know anything about this sir...?


Other Craptions

Kent... Clark Kent... why do you ask??? OH SHIT, I LEFT THE CAPE ON!!!

Thomas Calnan

One! Neon policeman, AHAHAAH! Two! Neon policeman, AHAHAAH!


No, I don't have a dog. I'm picking up my own crap off the sidewalk. Why? Is that a problem?


"Officer please, I have to get to the D & D Tournament. My mom ironed my cape and everything."


"What's in the bag? Well it's certainly not a human head, if that's what you're thinking."

Kelly Robinson

STOP recycling jokes already used. It wasn't funny then, and it isn't funny now. And you people stop giving them your votes.

Thomas Calnan

"Now you will tell us how you made the rabbit disappear, or we will club you. Understood?"

Ken Buddha

"Geez. Can't the Lord of Darkness go out for chinese without being hassled by The Man?"


Hey Officer... At least I'm wearing pants this time.


If Leaf votes for himself enough, maybe he'll convince himself that he's funny

The Craption Police stop a lousy craption picture in the making.


We are the fashion police. Are you aware the red capes are out for like five centuries?


Stand back while I turn this bag of shit into another cop!


Listen asshole, where the fuck do you think we are, CANADA?!?

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