Craptions Classics July 27, 2008

.....and that is where Oscars come from.


Other Craptions

A womb with a view.


Just another pregnant, single, underage black statue.


After going around to nearly every hospital in the city and getting doors shut in the face, Bob gave up and finally sold his "Miracle of Life" sculpture to the abortion clinic.

Mike Huang

where will you be when acid rain strikes?


Fetus DeMilo


Jim was excited about having an office with a window...until he looked outside.


When making a statue for public display outside, one must ask themselves, "Am I okay with knowing that birds are going to shit all over this?"


I ate a baby!! What you dont believe me? Hand me that potato peeler!


That baby is only occupying one half of the womb. What the hell is in the other half? I know it's not funny. I'm just asking.


Every day at precisely 7:00AM, it throws up on passersby.


Six blocks away in front of a bar, there's a statue of stressed out Brad Pitt seated at a bar. That one is called "I Just Can't Take Much More of Her Shit."


This really should come with a spoiler warning. I didnt see Saw 5 yet.


So let me get this straight. Ultraman is really a chick, and she's Ironman's mother? These retcon stories are killing me!


'...No George, that's NOT how you do a C-section! How the fuck did you get into medical school?!'

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