Craptions Classics July 24, 2008

Warning... do not keep mentos in your car when parked that close to a Coca-cola truck!!!!

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

"Honey, I think my water just broke."

Kelly Robinson

"Well, just don't open the glove compar..."


Water Elemental attacks your car. Role a savings throw against your insurance company.


Due to modern day construction, Poseidon had to find creative ways to punish mortals


What happens when you stroke a four-stroke engine five times.

John Bayne

Olds Faithful


Now THAT is some windshield washer!!!


D4 Damit you sunk my battleship


God gave him a first chance when he wrote "Wash me" in the windshield grime.

Kelly Robinson

Trident splash... It'll fuck your shit up


Timmy said he had to pee. Maybe you'll listen next time.


"Honey I Parked On A Geyser" failed to recussitate the franchise. And Rick Moranis drowned.


They leveled the rain forest but forgot to take out the damn waterfall.

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