Craptions Classics July 23, 2008

Slowly, Ed casually dipped his hand into his backpack filled with crap. His revenge for yesterday's feces-throwing incident would be unexpected, and devastatingly complete.


Other Craptions

Drug deals in China are so fucking wierd.


When Ray's bag burst open, he was faced with the embarrassing task of counting and placing each monkey safely back inside.


"Okay, here's some change, but you better not spend it on booze."

Kelly Robinson

Chang didn't realize that once you let them out of the barrel, they're actually kind of a pain in the ass.


After his eyes were glued shut, sex offender Bobby's "bait-the-kids-with-bananas" trick had less damaging, more hilarious results.

John Bayne

Little did they know, a Columbian baboon cartel was about to bust the deal


Forget the monkeys, PAN RIGHT!I really want to see what's so interesting that A DOZEN MONKEYS RANSACKING YOUR BAG IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING GOING DOWN!!


Good idea. Lets just have the Olympics here.


Where will you be when monkeys strike?


In an hour, those monkeys are just going to be hungry again.


Hung was hoping they wouldn’t realise, only God knew what these monkeys would do if they found out he was cutting his bananas.


"Get away you damn dirty apes"


Here monkey, have this banana that's poking through the hole in my bag.


Jim has some weird monkey fetishes...

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