Craptions Classics July 13, 2008

Given his size, everyone was reluctant to point out to George that the River Thames was slightly to his left.


Other Craptions

"Dude...I know you're a giant and she's a normal sized woman...but just go talk to her if you like her!" "I don't know, man...what if I trip and fall on my face like a loser?"


"I told you not to follow me here, even if it is the place we met. It's over, Abnormally Gigantic Bobby." "But I...I swam all the way here. Through solid earth! I love you, Normal Sized Jenny."


Hey! I spent hours mowing that big fuck.


Neither David nor Beth were sure which one of them had entered the Twilight Zone, but dammit, one of them had!


Not pictured: a surprisingly small penis...


The really amazing thing about this is that's his leg.


What if he's NORMAL SIZED and EVERYTHING ELSE is really tiny!?!?


"That fucking Jack is going to PAY for making me fall down that beanstalk! I HOPE THOSE BEANS WERE FUCKING WORTH IT YOU TINY FUCK! (Looks at girl) This is none of your business, bitch! That's right, look away!"


I really wish that I could say that it didn't look like he had an orgasm face going on while fisting the soil.


Gulliver, stop fooling around and come look at the bridge.


Hmm, the guy said he'd meet me here and that I would probably notice him. So where the fuck is he?


Salvador Dali during the "declining years".


"Im so glad to commemorate historic figures" "But Mayor...Lance Armstrong was a bicyclist"


Sexysue: so we're meeting by the bridge at 4? longJon33: sounds good Sexysue: ill be wearing a blue shirt, jeans, and a guitar will be slung on my back.. what will u look like? longJon33: sunglasses... ill find u

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