Craptions Classics April 12, 2006

Hermione transformed her butterfly into a prince on her first try.

After six attempts, Ron's butterfly still had wings and was starting to plead for death.

Breathing Meat

Other Craptions

Unfortunately, dressing like a blue fairy didn't make the AIDS go away.


When threatened, Ethiopians expand to twice their size to scare away predators.


After many unwarranted disasters, scientists decided to stop conducting genetic experiments on the Blue Man Group.


Everybody hates Chris- especially God.


In the original pokemon there was suppose to be 152, however, negrochu just wasn't PC enough to make it into the american release.

Poke masterbater

Part butterfly, part man, all vengeance. This Friday in theaters, Gary Coleman is...The Blue Monarch

In a sleepy town in Uganda, nothing would ever be the same again...


"Seriously, God, this isn't funny. When I get older, I'm going to fly up there and fuck you up. Let's see how you like it."

gary coleman

Mpodo screamed as Kinto pulled hard. Now he regretted eating that rope...


- But mom, I don't want to go!
- Now Kwame, you know the court awarded your biological father weekend visitation rights.
- But I don't even kno-
- Oh look, here he comes now! Have fun on Uranus!

Linux fan

As the next generation rolled around, Prof. Xavier quickly regretted not chemically castrating every student that came into his school.

Senor Taco

Please God, I've told them I'm not a kite but they won't listen.


"Everytime one of you motherfuckers says you don't believe in fairies, somewhere a fairy drops down dead! We ain't takin no more of that shit!"

Celestial Gold

Blue is so 2005! Next time go with a more neutral color, earth tones are great. And lose the little stick thing, a Loui Vatton euro-bag would be fabulous. By the way, love the wings, love em!

Big Game

Back at the Department of Hatcheries, the Al Jolson larvae were coming along nicely.

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