Craptions Classics January 28, 2006

For the 2006 season, the size of the hot dogs at Yankee stadium will finally have caught up with the price.


Other Craptions

A Freudian slip is an interesting thing, but a physical manifestation of one is really something special.

Tim S.

Oh, I'm sorry, no mustard please.

Joe Pants

"Oh. That's great. I expected to hear that kind of joke all day. But not from you, young lady."


WOW! Look at the size of that table!


"Go ahead, little girl. Touch it."


Add mustard for only $12.50


There was only one thing people could do with the World's Largest Pig...


Visible: Fat Americans making giant hot dog.

Not visible: Starving African children.


Tim's friends had a strong feeling that his 'World's longest hot dog' project was a way of compensating for something. When they saw how lovingly he applied the mustard to it, their suspicions were confirmed.

Linux fan

January 29, 2006: The official status of the Speckled Peruvian Anaconda is reclassified from endangered to Delicious.


Would you care to upgrade to medium for just 50c extra?


McDonalds' latest Super Size option is now available for purchase.


OK, just make sure we keep it away from the fatass by the slushie stand...


wow. I've never seen one that BIG.

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