Craptions Classics June 26, 2008

When the Rapture finally came, God was really only pissed at Steve.


Other Craptions

Tom distracted the crowd while Jim and Steve got into position to steal the gigantic umbrellas.


Better the attic than the basement...


Photo Contest: This week's winner, Neil Edwards, snapped a photo of this unfortunate gentleman, just prior to his complete and utter incineration by a meteor.


"I have completely harnessed the power of the sun..... look on in fear feeble serfs and feebler fireme..'firefighters, sorry'"


In a rare public appearance since his stint in rehab, Scrat, the squirrel from Ice Age, saves a local firebreather from a nasty fall.


Anxiously awaiting her turn, Sophia thought, "This guy spits? Wait 'till they get a load of me..."


People are so stupid, standing around gawking when there's CLEARLY a dragon getting ready to go on a rampage right in front of them.


Steve had trouble being accepted by people because he was such a flamer.


Frodo did not understand what had become of the shire, but if they weren ready to accept his cape, his dead rabbit or the love he shared for Sam he was prepared to burn this muther %*$% down!


Seriously, the EMT does not look prepared for this


In the throes of death he shouted, "I see a Light!!"


Next he's going to hold up the vermin hanging off his hip and cook it. Much more of a show than you get at a Japanese restaurant.


Impressed? I don't want to give too much away, but his finale involves the words 'rectum' and 'cactus'


There's Gay and then there's Flaming Gay.

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