Craptions Classics June 18, 2008

There's a cardboard black guy in the back seat.


Other Craptions

Officer Kowalski looked on helplessly as the car sped away. As much as he wanted to pursue, the third dimension was simply out of his jurisdiction.


the cardboard firemen weren't as succesful as their law enforcing counterparts.


After the tragic steamroller incident, the police dept erected a memorial that, though well-intentioned, was a little insensitive.


Thanks to a new initiative, cardboard on cardboard crime has dropped 80%


So they put up a carboard cop with a donut gut holding a lollipop and looking the wrong way? Say what you want about them, the Poles have a wicked sense of humor.


Surprisingly, this guy responds to 911 calls in about the same time it takes a real cop.


Barack Obama's plan for 100,000 more policeman.


Designed to scare drivers straight, officer Corrugate was eventually foiled by his one dire enemy: Rain.


Okay, sure, in Poland the cops are cardboard and that's kind of lame. But, they fucking LEVITATE. How cool is that?


After driving past the cop for a third time, Tom was now sure he was frozen in time.


His latest effort hinging on the 'twist' that one of the cars isn't real, some say Shyamalan just isn't trying any more.


Gameplay in GTA4 is great, the backgrounds are superb... but the cops are somewhat lacking in depth.


Everybody laughs, but this is how they busted Wylie Coyote.


This cop is here to find the answer to one question: Who DID frame Roger Rabbit?

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