Craptions Classics June 17, 2008

After the Manchester United game, drunken soccer fans beat up and grounded a plane in mid-flight.


Other Craptions

No longer content with a boring old human cannonball show, the British circus prepares to load the first human machinegun.


Even though he was officially team leader, Billy the Mountain Man (far right) never really felt part of the team


31 Brits, 53 teeth.


The Polish Team didn't realize they were holding up the wrong flag.


A team of British explorers celebrate participating in the worst Craption photo ever. Take THAT, flourishing internet comedy site!


An hour later, the British team hung their heads in defeat as some Canadian on a combination ladder and bicycle sailed past them to win the race.


This engine runs on tea and politeness


Hey! Isn't that Joe Elliot's shirt on that pole?!


After trying and failing to set the landspeed record, Team Castrol recognized their critical folly in not adding any wheels to their jet propelled car. After a dozen Kegs were tapped, it felt like a victory anyways.


It's more than just oil, it's liquid engineering that gets him into his lucky sweater (pictured left).


Hahaha. Look what that guy is, not, the other guy...up a little...ok, now over two...the other way..wait. Maybe that's a woman. Fuck it.


Photographer, "Raise your hand if your a rapist"


Bob went to extremes to get his new physics student into the sack


"OK enough of the photos guys... we've got to get this thing back to Dick Dastardly and Mutley before 6"

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