Craptions Classics April 10, 2006

"Well, Simmons, if you know a better way of opening a pizza box, I'd like to hear it"


Other Craptions

Historians would later note that along with rampant alcoholism, 'Whac-a-Comrade' was the key to Russia's decline as a military superpower.

Linux fan

"I know you're under there! You can't hide forever!"

Senor Taco

There was only one more test to pass to get into the Elite blue caps army unit....currently with 0 members


Gallagher's new act involved even more audience interaction.


A last ditch attempt to repair Private Pyle's major malfunction.


Everyone knows that if you can't take a sledgehammer to the head, the Russian army doesn't need a pussy like you.

Count Crapula

In a desperate attempt to save his life, Prvt. Smuckles cowered under his trusty cardboard box.


This week on extreme fellatio...


Just then Private Jones remembered that the Cappy's "Flaming Hand" trick didn't work either.

Big Game

The UN's new Court of Liberal Guilt had tried and convicted Bob for 400 years of oppression and imperialism.

Born Toulouse-Lautrec

The insurgency's new "head bunker" is a mobile answer to conventional bombshelters. The Army has countered this threat with the 8 1/2-pound "bunker buster" M2A1 Tactical Assault Sledgehammer.

Bakken Hood

Two UN peacekeepers in a rousing game of extreme croquet.


shhhh...if i don't move, maybe he won't see me.

Superman's Dead

Recycling pizza boxes involves removing stale cheese

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