Craptions Classics June 11, 2008

Seeking to project a more youthful image, John McCain's team began re-touching his campaign photos "just a little".


Other Craptions

"Have you seen my dad? He's got a beard, he's wearing a red shirt with SEX written on it. He drinks a lot of water."


Have you seen a short kid with a DeLorean? I need to get back to 1985!


There are times when "you haven't changed in twenty years!" is NOT a compliment.


It may have taken 2 full days, but dammit Cougar was going to be first in line for the My Little Pony movie


And here I thought we were beyond Thunderdome.


Madonna's really bulked up


"One day, they will commit to a new He-Man movie. And I will heed their call."


I think it's the Final Countdown to this guy's mid life crisis.


That Hansel is so hot right now.


"Good day to you sir. Would you like to hear about the deeds of our prophet Lord Axl?"

Mike Huang

In a crowd this size it's always best to chain your juicebox to your ass for safety's sake


When Snake saw that the signs said "Line starts here for iPhone" and not "Line starts here for Sex Pistols concert" he realised he might be in the wrong place.


the first terminator that skynet sent to destroy mankind wasn't exactly inconspicuous.

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