Craptions Classics June 08, 2008

With his Vision newly restored by the doctor, Billy cried as he realized mommy and daddy were about to have angry public make-up sex again, the very thing that blinded him in the fist place.


Other Craptions

32 years later, in therapy, Jimmy Doogan suddenly realized why he had become an art critic.


Everytime you masturbate, God turns 2 child molestors to stone.


In Alabama, "The Statue of Disputed Paternity" was a popular place to abandon your children.


After coming upon this photo in an album years later, Steve would decide that his parents were kind of dicks.


Man that kid from the German "incubator" just can't catch a break in life.


The Museum of Bad Posture was only one stop on the Bad European Art tour.


This is Bob. Bob has bitchtits.


Stop voting for people just because they say they got up early. That is their own damn fault.


Introducing Calvin Klein’s newest scent... Pedophile


"Reflection on Vagrancy" was a stunning work of art with many deep layers of complexity to reflect upon. However, it's placement in front of a Chuck E Cheese pizzeria was, in hindsight, a poor choice.


German theme parks are...different.


Appreciation of fine art is usually lost upon children. But in this case, baby Bobby's appraisal proved quite astute.


Three minutes earlier: "I'll just leave you here with these nice gentlemen, while I go in here to have my lasic surgery."


"I say we boil 'em and then we smash 'em.” “No, we should fry ‘em after we smash ‘em.” “Boil!’ “Fry!’ “Boi…” The Bilbo Baggins was the greatest Hobbit ever.

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