Craptions Classics June 07, 2008

The second he saw the huge cock, Bruce knew he'd be riding bitch.


Other Craptions

Where's Peter Griffin? I'm gonna kick his ass, once and for all.


Jeff fervently hoped that the rooster would not smell the KFC on his breath.


"I'm you from the future. Get on the bike, I'll explain on the way."


Desperate for a ride, the hitchhiker overlooked the obvious signs of potential foul play.


"Good luck, Cockman. Remember that, if you don't make this jump, I'll take good care of your kids." "Our kids, John. OUR kids."

Mike Huang

You've heard of pussy magnets before.... This is kinda the opposite.


I for one welcome our mutant chicken overlords.


"Yeah,I got plenty of Meth.You sure you need it?"


"You really want to know why the chicken crossed the road, motherfucker?"


The Colonel's "secret recipe" was mostly steroids, which had some unfortunate side effects.


A year after the original TMNT movie, Super Crazy Dirt Bike Roosters could've been huge had the motocross riders' masks allowed full vision.


And yet, moments later, Dick Cheney still shot the guy on the left.

Joe Oliveto

look at that weirdo in the background, he's just staring at us with his sunglasses...I'm gonna say something "HEY BUDDY, WHAT THE FUCKS YOUR PROBLEM?" "NOTHING, I JUST LOVE HUGE COCKS!"


While everybody was distracted by the guy in a chicken suit, the Sasquatch, wisely disguised in a blue t-shirt, once again managed to disappear.

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