Craptions Classics June 02, 2008

pictured: the incorrect way to explain your homosexuality to your father.


Other Craptions

Dear Japan, What happened? The Ninjas. The Kamikazes. Even Hari-Kari. That shit was dope! But now, your just weird. Please stop calling. The world p.s. Thanks for the Wii's. Were keeping those.


"Yes, that's very good, grasshopper. But when you can swallow all the way to the elbow...then...then you will be ready."


The Japanese gay community took a while to get the hang of 'fisting.'


Kim lee, after meeting reuniting with his father after 10 years, tries hard to fight back the tears.


"Oh look! There are some asian people doing something weird! Time for me to make a joke about Japanese fetishism even though these men are clearly not from Japan!" - Every Craption Submitter Ever


Okay, I show you one rast time. This is knuckre sandwich.


Now let me show you another trick George Takei taught me!


Erotoautocanibalism: It would have hit the internet sooner if they had the hands to post it with.


Here's how I picture the Cracked staff meeting going: Boss: "Ok. Next on the agenda - Craption. Johnson, what have you got for me?" Johnson: "A picture from Japan." Boss: "Again? Is it funny?" Johnson: "Its from Japan." Boss: "Why do I even


They knew this round of Charades was going to be tough when the name they drew was "Monica Lewinski"


"very good son... now let's try a goatse"


Ancient chinese 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'


You like just like your mother right now!


The debate between the two sufferers of Alien hand Syndrome was spirited if not coherent.

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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