Craptions Classics May 14, 2008

Where did the Dark Load EVILOUS park his chariot of doom!? Do you mean your Volvo Steve? Yes the Volvo of doom.


Other Craptions

The Devil Went Down to... San Francisco?


Toby knew that the fanny pack ruined the costume, but he needed someplace to keep the cell phone so he could call his mom for a ride home.


"My name's 'Luthifer'," he said with a lisp.


In 300: The Musical, the producers strived to find a way to make Xerxes even more devilishly gay. Mission Accomplished.


Barak Obama decides doing a World Of warcraft commercial would boost his popularity, he was wrong...

boogie know we're all making jokes about this guy, but no way would i dare say any of this to his face, he scares the crap out of me.


Oh Christ, which one of the Jacksons is this now?


When eHarmony matched me with Bob, I began to rethink the whole "online dating" thing.


Normally when you're dressed like this it's at least for some big festival, for this guy it just seems to be a tuesday.


When Satan became aware that, apparently, "God hates fags" Hell underwent some very drastic changes.


After years of searching, he finally spotted the demon who ate his finger.


The Religious Right rejoiced. Finally they had found photographic evidence of how Harry Potter, Pokemon, and the devilish minions of liberal secular elitist hollywood has corrupted the youth of America.


What...? Charizard is evolving!


You play with me and you're playing with cardboard fire.

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