Craptions Classics May 01, 2008

All 101 dalmations were fortunate enough to elude Cruella De Vil...Clifford the big red dog was not so lucky.


Other Craptions

Once my parasite tunnels into his wifes ear, Mr. Monopoly will have no other choice than to give up Boardwalk and Park Place! MWAA HA HA HA!


"My, you look like a whore in that penis hat" Lord Billsby mumbled. "Mm. At least the penis can get it up" Lady Billsby retorted. "Mm. Indeed."


Unbeknownst to all, Gary and Sheila had passed away over 4 hours ago.


Honey, even Bjork thinks you ridiculous.


Straighten your tie dear, I don't want people to stare.


This is what happens when you let Canadians come to the Kentucky Derby.


Lets see what the etiquette book says about your wife wearing a stupid hat.


Lord Bastardly-Wanker felt it would not be proper etiquette to mention to his wife that it looked like her head was being humped by a big red pretzel.


The murderer is Miss Scarlett, in the garden, with a hat. The victim, fashion!


Lord and Lady Cthulhu go to the races.


Look Elisabeth darling, it says that here in America they often wear baseball caps, even when not partaking in that sport. Oh, do they. How rather silly of them. Mmm, yes. I must say.


How nice that Bib Fortuna ended up marrying into money.


"But, honey, aren't we facing the wrong direction?"


Apparently nobody told Mrs. Moneybags that tentacle hentai is a tad gauche after Labor Day. Mr. Moneybags could do nothing but look down in shame, hoping this wouldn't affect this afternoon's sale of Marvin Gardens.

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