Craptions Classics April 05, 2006

"Alright, I think this should do it."

le douche

Other Craptions

Office Jones was through playing games. Never again would the tire-swing make a fool of him. Never again


"Tell Lassie that I don't think Little Timmy's coming out of the well this time."

Senor Taco

"...I know that, m'am, but it's not like there's some sort of 'hose' technology I could use to get the water over here."


Nobody had the heart to tell Officer Bay he was being a little harsh on red light runners.

Linux fan

But thanks to the inaction of bystanders and poor decisions made by the rescue team, Optomis Prime was beyond saving.


After realizing that his supposed riot was nothing more the a kid throwing rocks around an empty street, riot officer bradley had to make the place look convincing before back up came around.


And there you have it, the burning point of innocent puppies is precisely 500 degrees farenheit.


Well, ma'am. Here's your problem.

Lord Palmerton

After painstaking research and countless tests Firestone decided its new tire was ready to be released to the public.


Just one more bucket of kerosene and we'll be ready to tell ghost stories!


No more proof is needed; the police force is the sissy verion of scouts.

Scott Bull

Um... we may need a bigger bucket...


"Get'er done!!!!!!!


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