Craptions Classics April 22, 2008

US athletes prepare for what might happen this summer when the Olympics take place in a country full of Asian drivers.


Other Craptions

Her mother having eliminated the competition, followed her to victory.


"Hey! Pick a lane, bitch!"


Looking back for the Baton, her intuition told her something wasn't quite right.


When will the oppression of black athletes by white subcompact cars ever end?


jehovah's witness Tim was known for his persistentness


"Tomtom, I said, 'Butte'...'BUTTE.'"

Henry A Lee

Without steroids, Marion Jones takes a page from Tonya Harding's playbook.

Henry A Lee

At the Special Olympics, if 99% of your body is paralyzed, you can ride shotgun in some events.

Henry A Lee

It was a terrible time for her to learn she was indeed not Magneto.


"Back off buddy, I've destroyed Hummers with this ass."

Henry A Lee

stephen kings was begining to run out of ideas


Forcing cars on audience members was bound to backfire on Oprah one day.


Fucking hell, ever since I started using this shortcut to work there's been runners all over the road

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