Craptions Classics April 19, 2008

Carl wondered if he'd EVER get a turn.


Other Craptions

Sure, we only remember the meek, gentle side of Gandhi today, but let me tell you...


Truth in advertising laws hit Bacardi hard.

Henry A Lee

Accordion Hero wasn't as popular as its predecessors.

Henry A Lee

What actually killed the radio star.

Henry A Lee

This is the reason that the Nazis found Anne Frank.




Jeffery swore: if the old man played "Who let the dogs out" one more goddamn time...

Henry A Lee

"Ow My Back!" in G minor.


No matter how hard Gandhi rocked, Steve Carrel just wasn't impressed


"This is such a sausage fest." "Why don't you put that thing away then? The girls left because of you." "No way, musicians get more ass than a toilet seat." "Then at least put some fucking pants on."

Henry A Lee

in soviet russia old men are assholes...wall calendar was the lamest transformer...lunch is lunch...random 300 quote...two guys, one life sucks a;lekrtjopisfhgnetgrkj

Henry A Lee

Wake up and pay rent, asshole.


Jim wished he saw pink elephants like normal people.


In an effort to get them off the streets, the city created a homeless gay cover.

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