Craptions Classics April 04, 2006

After making his way through many levels, the little red car began to doubt whether he would be able to beat the final boss.


Other Craptions

A sudden instinct told Dave that the aliens were really bullshitting when they said "We come in peace"...


Creating the world's biggest pizza was a breeze.

But slicing it ....


Why it was never a good idea to let Professor Doom host Pimp My Ride.

Chab Gassie

Those liberal tree huggers would think twice about chaining themselves to trees now

Rat Boy

It took Little Tommy years but he finally had the tools to dig to China.


When a carpenter hits his midlife crisis, a radial arm saw just isn't enough anymore.

Bakken Hood

Reality TV execs take 'Robot Wars' to a horrifying new level.


Many accused it of being overkill, but Gargamel was going to get those Smurfs one way or another.

Senor Taco

"There it is! We've got to destroy Metal Gear! RIGHT NOW!"

The flashbacks Snake would have in his later years ruined even the most peaceful road trip.

Buddy Christ

Russia is fucking AWESOME


Go Go Gadget.. ahhhh who the fuck installed this thing?!?!


"I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with...holy fuck...would you get a look at that"


A crack team of Fridrich Nitzche's most devoted students launch a mission to ensure that God really is dead.


Although impressive, Doctor Rosenbaum's anal thermometer wasn't very practical.

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