Craptions Classics April 11, 2008

The emperor, still furious from the whole 'new clothes' fiasco decides to take a drive to calm himself down.


Other Craptions

I love driving with the top down. Also: The bottom. And sides.

Lex Friedman

At the very last moment Jeff realised that a whole car would probably be more effective then just the door and the bomb.


The orange door looks familiar.. if only someone would label it with a painfully obvious title..


"Damnit Jerry!!.. Tell me when your'e switching lanes. If we don't stay together, we look stupid" "Call me Bo"


You said "we were going to take the car to the Marathon station". I now realize there were two misleading things about that statement.


Well, it looks like Boss Hogg finally got the one-up on them Duke boys....


The drive by flashing just wasn't the same in a fake car. And the crowd responded accordingly.


To think: the world's first truly eco-friendly car that would reduce our dependency on foreign oil was originally envisioned in the Flintstones.

Henry A Lee

"From Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the geniuses behind such films as Date Movie and Epic Movie, comes a new cinematic masterpiece: The Dukes of Sparta. Coming soon."

Mike Huang

Hollywood tried to mash two movies together. Dukes of Hazard and 300. The result = THIS IS HAZARDOUS!!!


"Shit! I just remembered, Luke said we had to slide out of the windows to get out..."


Amish drive-by.


Val Kilmer made a wise career move when he turned down "The Doors 2".

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