Craptions Classics April 03, 2008

Other Craptions

Lesson: Always ask for a pic when trying to get beaver on Craig's List.


After 150 straight losses, depression crept over the pair as the realized they'd probably never win the wacky races.


Dad's in an elf costume driving a sawblade wheeled park bench while a construction gopher gives himself an eye exam... The NyQuil must be working.


He could handle the orange crappy car, he could handle the strange beaver partner, even the stupid cape...but the fucking pink hat was the last straw, Dave would be bringing his friend Glock to work tomorrow.


Oh, I get what's funny about this. The steering wheel is on the wrong side! Classic.


Nobody was particularly pleased about Hanna Barbara's new mandatory carpooling policy.


Time for me once again pander to a group of people I don't know, trying to validate myself with their approval of my mocking of a lovely Canadian newlywed couple.


Russia never fully grasped the concept of the buddy cop genre.


Shit! That other woodchuck's chucking wood!


Every time a big budget movie like Speed Racer is about to come out, some weird knock-off like Quick Driver shows up at Blockbuster.


They see me rollin, They hatin, Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty


If you think this is disturbing, wait until they get to Make Out Point


Worst. Happy-meal Toy. Ever.


A re-enactment of the Princess Diana/paparazzi chase made for children

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