Craptions Classics March 28, 2008

She's enjoying it, but the monkey's obviously had better.


Other Craptions

"Remember, a policewoman's strength flows from the force!" "That's not the only thing flowing. Wasn't this water blue a minute ago?" "Question not your master and his ways..."


He was living the sweet life off the insurance money, but Diddy missed Donkey, and sometimes wished he hadn't pushed him down that hole in level 5.


Jane secretly enjoyed the times when Tarzan was away on business...


Carrie enjoyed one last frollick before she released her fully grown seamonkeys into the wild.


I want that filthy animal out of the pool, the monkey can stay.


After Angela's last breakup, her standards started going downhill.


Sharon would never make it through the Police Academy until she got that monkey off her back.


Working in the K-9 unit, Bobo had worked with many dogs, but this bitch was different.


"Look behind You!!! a police monkey!!" "Very funny Im not fallin for that again..."


Even after a drug bust gone bad, getting shot in his shoulder, and having Sarge chew out his ass, Goobly the Monkey knew he could count on Jane, the hooker with a heart of gold, to cheer him up.


Scruffles had been living the sweet life of a police dog for years now. But after being thrown into the pool and failing to doggy paddle, he knew the jig was up.


Sally: "Just keep smiling...don't let Mom and Dad see how right they were about him back when you were in life is NOT over... just... fucking... smile..."


Bobo knew he would never get the smell of wet human out of his uniform.


Shelly wasn't jealous that her conjoined monkey made it on the force and she didn't, but Kiku secretly felt Shelly was holding him back.

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