Craptions Classics March 26, 2008

"Your eyes are like pools of the deepest blue...your lips are like the most lustrous rubies in the Crown Jewels...your skin is like--" "Hey, Steve?" "Yeah?" "You startin' to scare me, bro."


Other Craptions

At the factory where they manufacture Hannah Montana fans.


After 5 years of battling the torsos, Ted finally found their weakness. Eskimo kisses.


90% of the cast could be completely immobile, but if this were a horror movie, the black guy would still die first.


Peter wanted to just do his job and go home. And the work wasn't that bad. To be honest, though, he would get really uncomfortable on the days that Moby would show up and fingerbang his creations.


How crash test dummies are made, and sometimes, made sweet, sweet love to.


Well, I suppose if you can make it, someone will develop a fetish for it.


"So? What do you do for a living?" "I...uhh..I'm surgeon...."


The dolls would spring to life and sing "Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys. The one in the back is being trained for the part "oom papa oom papa oom papa mow mow" by Ed Norton Jr.


When Carl wasn't looking, Billy practiced his ball room dancing skills at work.


failed product 47 : Acupunture models


They wanted to make them more realistic by adding abs...but perhaps they should have started with adding legs...


There ARE worse kinds of avalanches than just snow.


What was the worst thing that could happen to an anatomically correct inflatable? A small prick...


You gotta love the blow up tube strategically placed in the dolls asshole

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