Craptions Classics April 01, 2006

Little Timmy used to get bullied at school. Now school will fucking pay.

Celestial Gold

Other Craptions

At age six Billy learned life's fundamental truth. There can be only one.


The Five Riders of the Apocalypse, clockwise from upper left: Pestilence, Famine, Death, War and Little Boy.

Linux fan

I hate to say it, Bob, but I think the kid might not be yours.

Art Vandelay

Some kids wet their pants when threatened. Little Jimmy equips the Ivory Sword of Cthulu, while summoning three Level 24 Hellraisers and a Level 32 Scythe-satyr.

Choco Taco

The shortage of skilled labour has hit the child care industry the hardest


There's no doubt about it: Pirates of the Carribean 2 will definitely suck.

le douche

Halloween is about being six, dressing up, and pretending you're a guy with a sword. Or, alternately, being thirty, dressing up, and pretending you’re not just a guy who collects swords.

Chris Wang

Jonny, dear, your father is a little concerned with your new friends...

Tim H

Jason was pulling out all the stops this year; there was no way that bitch Cammie was going to win the spelling-bee again.


Are you sure you are the Lord of Eternal darkness who will lead the demon army to glory?
Whos the one with the sword mister??
Well Ive........
Whos the one with the sword!?
Yes Master.......


...and a little child shall lead them...


Sire, I don't think the Sorceress is laughing at your red skin....

Scott Bull

The Generic RPG Enemies' Convention, 2006


Finally! I've always wanted an army of evil minions!

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