Craptions Classics January 27, 2006

Shunned now by Muslims and Irish alike, Ahmed O'Rourke bitterly cursed his parents' forbidden love affair.


Other Craptions

As his beard turned fluorescent red, his hands grew three feet long and his fellow monks turned into penguins, Samir realized this was the best acid ever.

Linux fan

Jim was simply shocked to realize he was the first human to de-evolve into an orangutan.

Choco Taco

Contrary to popular belief, leprechauns are from Qatar. And instead of pots of gold, they have barrels of oil.

Lousy bastards.


Punk counterculture is alive and well in South Asia.

Ohm IE

Whatever desires and passions Muhammed brought with him, his most noticable was his love of kool-aid.


No sooner had Jalab finished the cup of Christian baby blood than - for the first time in 50 years - it began to rain.


Excuse me, I ordered a ginger BEER!!


"What? Gigli? I didnt come all the way out here to see GIGLI!"


Damn you Just for Men, DAMN YOU!


After splitting up the remaining members of Pink Floyd just let themselves go.


At every Muslim prayer sessioon, the infidel traitors are marked without mercy.


I'm gonna roundhouse kick this guy. I am the only one who may roam the streets with a full red beard.

Chuck Norris

Ahmed could never understand why when one monk would say "I guess the carpet doesn't match the drapes" the other monks would chuckle....


Samad never did discover how the elders caught him sneaking Cheetos

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